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Why Crash Barrier Can Get International Acceptance


Highway Guardrail has gained international acceptance because it:
A. Marks the limit of safe travel and warns of danger
B. Reduces centreline crowding by increasing driver confidence
C. Restrains and guides out-of-control vehicles
D. Is highly visible at night due to reflective delineators
Where to purchase cheap but high quality guardrail?
Nowadays, people tend to make order online, the first thing they may do is search on google with keywords like guardrail, crash barriers, w-beam, armco barriers and so on. However, in most cases, they end up with an agent who actually does not have the products. This eventually will leads to very high price. 
So what should we do to avoid pruchasing guardrail at a very high price? The answer is buying directly from companies with factory.
Wuhan DACHU Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd manufacture guardrail of all kinds and standards. Available in effective lengths of 3.81m and 4m, special lengths available on request. Individual sections may be curved to fit any radius from 3 to 45m.
Terminal Ends available in standard end wings, fishtail and bullnose end wings. Available either hot dip galvanized or uncoated.


Guardrail Posts
Posts are available in UPN, C channel, U Channel H bar etc, also post of domed top also available upon request, mostly for China domestic market.
For more detailed information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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