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Highway Guardrail Is A Protective System

As the highest form of highway at present, the highway development has played a significant role in promoting the national economy for the country.With the construction and development of highway, its management and maintenance also become important. The highway features of completely enclosed unidirectional driving and a variety of transport engineering facilities. These characteristics ensure the high speed of the vehicle driving, so that the highway has more advantages of the various means of modern transportation, more efficient, safe, convenient and comfortable.
Here is the brief introduction of the main structure and function of guardrail system of highway.
With the increase of vehicle speed, safety becomes an important factor affecting traffic.In order to maximize the protection of vehicles and personal safety, on both sides of the highway and the middle isolation zone are equipped with highway guardrail beams and anti-collision steel posts. A resistance block,off-set block, is connected between the guardrail beam and the steel post(also called, the connection spacer).This structure can absorb a certain amount of impact force, playing a buffering role, and effectively protect the car from rushing out of the road shoulder.
Generally, guardrail beam coating with hot-dip galvanization or spray used commonly in the guardrail system, has two forms: W-Beam and Thrie Beam. It's worth noting that thrie Beam is used in specific circumstances where additional protection may be required. While guardrail post also has various shapes of, C Post,U Post, H Post, Sigma Post and Flange Post.
The related accessories for high guardrail systems include: Caps(cover the top of the post to resist corrosion), Bolts and nuts(connecting the parts), End Terminal(shallow termination for a steel guardrail fences), Delineator(sight guidance facility installed on the guardrail to reveal the road boundary).
Traffic facilities easily to get crashed on the highway, mainly are highway guardrail beams and anti-collision steel posts. The protection of these facilities and the repair or replacement of these facilities after damage, has become an important content of highway maintenance .
The guardrail system are good for absorbing the collision energy, and the guardrail can reduce the damage to the driver and the passenger when the vehicle collides with the safety barrier. It effectively improve road safety, which are reflected in aspects like drawing driver's attention, increasing traffic safety, and increasing the aesthetic of the highway.

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