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Dachu Annual Conference for New Year


To summarize the results of the year of 2018 and to welcome the year of 2019, Wuhan Dachu Traffic Facilities Co.,Ltd. had organized the Annual Conference for the administration and management team of the company and Evening Party for the whole company staff.


In the Annual Conference, the chairman had delivered an address of the conference, introduced the general operation situation of the company in the year of 2018, made the request for the year of 2019, and shared the company’s plan in the future ten years as well as the overall direction of the company’s development. After all the directors from each division made their reports of the 2018 summary and 2019 new plans, the chairman signed 2019 annual work objective and task statements with the directors of each division. Finally in the end of the conference, all the staff voted to be a qualified member of the company .


In the Evening Party, there were many funny and interesting programs performed by the staff from different divisions. Everybody had a very happy time. At the end of the party, the chairman announced the excellent employee, advanced team, and excellent team.


As the saying goes “As you sow, so will you reap. ”, the staff from Dachu certified this saying with their action and performance.


It is deeply believed that Dachu guardrail will go farther and farther in the China and international market in the year of 2019 and the future.


Dachu Adiminstration and Management Staff were Listening to the Annual Report

Dachu Staff Vote Contents

Dachu Members were Voting to be Qualified Staff

2019 Annual Work Objective and Task Statement Signing

Excellent Employees were awarded

Foreign Trade Division was awarded as Advanced Team

Domestic Marketing Division was awarded as Excellent Team



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