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One Belt One Road : China Railway Express
Since Xi Jinping supported the “Belt and Road” construction, Chinese revival of “Silk Road” is going to happen for sure. China is quickly making trade development with Russia, Belarus, Central Asia and European countries. This expansion of commerce has an urgent need for logistics department. And the development of logistics department needs the idea of robust logistics infrastructure.
In recent years, China has invested a lot of money in the construction of Railways leading to Europe. Up to now, it has basically opened up the railway lines leading to Europe in all the major directions of the country. China has increased the railway container export yard, customs inspection and inspection window, improved the efficiency of international railway customs, and is cooperating with the central Europe class to do the release work. Moreover, China has also increased the turnover of the container. The logistics facilities and related services in China are quite sufficient to meet the current market demand.
To actively respond to the One Belt One Road Policy, we are making effort to do business with the regions or countries along One Belt One Road. The products we have exported are mostly by sea, but in the future, we are not only taking the sea, but also taking the China Railway Express to make sure our customers in Europe and Middle Asia to receive cargoes faster and earlier.

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