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Western Hubei Expressway - Western Hubei Project Group

Enshi is located in the southwest of Hubei Province, into the national and provincial planning of the highway 9, about 757 kilometers, collectively known as the Western Hubei project group. Which has been completed and opened to traffic in Shanghai and Chongqing, to Pakistan, En Lai, En Guizhou Expressway, a total of 416 kilometers. (Expressway from Enshi to Guangyuan Expressway in Hubei Section), Jian'en Expressway (from Anli Expressway to Longshan to Enshi Luotian Section) and Xuanhe Expressway (Hubei Yidu-Laiwu Expressway Hefeng (Yungmei) to Xuanen (when Yang Ping) section). Planning and strive in the "thirteen" five highway was opened to traffic: to the highway from Hubei province to the Jianshi Longli section, Yidu to Laifeng highway Hefeng Rongmei to Xuanen when Yangping section , Laifeng to Xianfeng, Lichuan to Xianfeng highway.
During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Enshi was still one of the main battlefields of Hubei Expressway Group.

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