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107 State Road Highway Guardrail Project

107 National Road Jiangxia section of the reconstruction project, plans to invest 2.12 billion yuan, during the year to start the 107 National Road Gongjiapu to the new South Ring section of the expansion project. The total length of the project is 12.2 kilometers, and the ground road is widened. It is proposed to widen from two-way two-lane to two-way eight-lane, and to set up viaduct in some places. The main and auxiliary roads are separated.

107 National Road Jiangxia section of the transformation of Gongjiapu north, via Zhengdian, Anshan, hillside, He station, south and Xianning 107 National Road phase, length 45.2 kilometers, this year will start a project.

After completion of Jiangxia Section of National Highway 107, it will improve the capacity of Wuhan to export the road to the south, strengthen the traffic links between Wuhan and Xianning and surrounding cities, and promote the integration of Wuhan City Circle.

Transformation of 107 State Road Xiaogan City, Zhai Jia Wan to Wushuuan section of Guangshui City, 1.08 km section, to collect vehicle tolls, and the road repairs and maintenance of the road to provide services.

Municipal transformation, the municipal government attaches great importance to the 107 National Road Baoan section of municipal work. July 1, 2015, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, party secretary Ma Xingrui led his unit to Baoan research, the requirements to seize the 107 National Road municipal transformation, the mayor Xu Qin also called for coordination of various departments to promote. In August the same year, Baoan District Party Committee Secretary Huang Min took office, proposed to build 107 national highway gold belt, and to the municipal government proposal along the 107 national highway construction "speed line" combined subway, city, district orbital sector is accelerating 107 national highway track Line of the relevant planning research.


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