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 Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams for Guardrails
Guardrail Introduction  

Road safety barrier system-a roadside device that provides a physical restriction to penetration of a vehicle in a way that reduces the risk to vehicle occupants and other traffic. Its purpose is to contain or redirect an errant vehicle. It is used to shield roadside obstacles or non-traversable terrain features. Occasionally, it may be used to protect people from vehicular traffic.

Guardrail systems are designed and installed for one primary reason: to reduce the severity of a crash by preventing a motorist from reaching a more hazardous fixed object or terrain feature.

About Guardrail Material

Corrugated W-beam and Thrie-beam beam elements and buffered ends could be formed from steel of Q345B and Q235B;
W-beam and Thrie-beam road safety barrier posts could be formed from steel of Q235B and A36;
W-beam and Thrie-beam steel road safety barrier spacer could be accordance with the posts, and could also be customized as customer requirements.

Guardrail Techincal Data
1. Beam and transition sections specification comply to AASHTO M180-2012
- Minimum yield strength: 345MPa(50,000psi)
- Minimum tensile strength: 483MPa(70,000psi); and
- Minimum elongation: in 50mm(2 in), 12%.

2. End and buffer sections comply to AASHTO M180-2012
- Minimum yield strength: 227MPa(33,000psi)
- Minimum tensile strength: 310MPa(45,000psi); and

3. Galvanizing specification complies to
- AASHTO Designation: M111M/M111
4. Bolts and Nuts conform to or exceed the requirements of ASTM A 307

Guardrail Surface Finish Requirements

A road safety barrier system shall have a surface finish that minimizes the friction between the system and an impacting vehicle. The surface finish shall be uniform, resistant to incidental damage and shall not be affected by detergents and similar agents that may be used to clean the external surfaces. Protrusions from the surface, which are likely to be struck by an impacting vehicle, shall not exceed 20 mm. Any protrusions shall be rounded or similarly treated, to reduce the possibility of snagging the body work of a vehicle or catching at the person or clothing of an individual. After construction, components shall not be left with splits, burrs or sharp edges after construction. Lapping of elements shall be in the direction of the potential path of an errant vehicle.
Dachu Guardrail Feathures & Applications 

- To provide railing protection to motor vehicles at dangerous road areas such as steep slop,obscure curve,high embankment and sharp corner,Expressway, etc.

- To absorb sudden impact during collision to minimize injury to vehicles and passengers.

- To act as directional railing for vehicles moving in the right direction.

- To act as a median barrier for avoiding head on collision.

- To act as a protective barrier for pedestrian along the high way.
Wuhan Dachu manufactures highway guardrails according to the Standards as below:

1. AASHTO-M180 (Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Highway Guardrail - USA);

AS/NZS 3845:1999(Road Safety Barrier Systems - Australia/New Zealand);

3. BS EN-1317(Road Restraint Systems - Europe);

4. JT/T 281-1995(Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Expressway Guardrail - China);

5. Or tailor-make according to client's requirements.  
Why Us :

A. We are manufacturer, with competitive price and reliable quality to enable clients to take the projects;

B. We are certificated plant, with various certificates to secure clients' official requirements;

C. We possess our own export qualification and are rich in trade operation to simplify clients' operation. 

Contact us immediately for any more doubts about Wuhan Dachu, we would reply your questions in formal methods asap. 

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