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The basic concepts of color coated steel sheet: the cold-rolled strip steel and galvanized strip steel (galvanized and hot galvanized) as the substrate on the continuous production line, it will be treated with surface preparation (degreasing and chemical treatment), coated one or more layers of liquid paint by a roll coating method, the plate after baking and cooling is coated steel. Chinese market has dorsal (bottom) and the surface (front) lacquer coating, generally it is with one layer dorsal lacquer coating and two layers of front lacquer coating, but two layers of both dorsal and front lacquer coating for foreign countries. Since the coating can have a variety of colors, usually we call coated steel “color coated steel”.
Coated steel is lightweight, beautiful and has good corrosion resistance, it can be processed directly, and it provides a new type of raw material to the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing, furniture industry, electrical industry and so on, which has good effects for steel instead of wood, efficient construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention and so on.


The main production process of common two-coating & two baking on continuous color coating production line is: uncoiler---------stitching machine---------compression roller-------tension machine--------uncoiler loop--------alkali wash and degreasing----------washing-------drying ---------passivation-------drying-------first coating-------drying the first coating----------delicate coating for front lacquer------- front lacquer drying-------air-cooling-------winding loop-------winding machine (volume packaged into warehouse).



①The color coated steel is non-polluting and economical. The manufacturing process is less harmful to the environment, and it can be recycled, greatly reduce the pollution of the environment, what’s more, it is lightweight, which can save materials of load-bearing structure and reduce the cost.
②It is convenient to process and easy for construction. The color coated steel can be roll pressed into profiled steel sheet with various shape and length according to request, generally without intermediate lap joint, construction is simple, and waterproof effect is good.
③It is with excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance.



①The main specifications of color coated steel sheet and steel strip (mm).


Note: 1> If buyers agree, we can supply steel with the width less than 700mm.

           2> Thickness refers to the thickness of the substrate before coating the steel sheet and steel strip.
② Allowable deviation (mm) of the color coated steel sheet and steel strip

Note: A grade for advanced accuracy, B grade for general accuracy.


Color coated steel is widely used in construction, household appliances, transportation, packaging, machinery processing, interior decoration, medical, automotive industries and so on.
Household appliances: 31%, Construction: 63%, Others: 6%.

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