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With uniform coating thickness & excellent mechanical properties, galvanized steel coil or galvanised steel metal or galvanaizado bobinas or steel metal galvanised is manufactured to have a long durability, strong corrosion resistance & shiny surface(or with mini, regular, big, non-spangle) . It is suitable for fabrication by forming, pressing and bending. It can be used in the fields of building applications (e.g. wall elements, roofing applications…), automotive applications, lighting fixtures, drums and various kinds of section applications, profiled sheets.


Galvanized steel coil

Coating Thickness of galvanized steel coil

G15 =Coating 35-40g/㎡=Zn40        G20 =Coating 60g/㎡=Zn60
G30 =Coating 90g/㎡=Zn90             G40 =Coating 120g/㎡=Zn120
G50 =Coating 150g/㎡=Zn150         G60 =Coating 180g/㎡=Zn180
G70 =Coating 210g/㎡=Zn210         G80 =Coating 240g/㎡=Zn240
G90 =Coating 270g/㎡=Zn270

Customized coating thickness of galvanized steel coil is available, like Zn80, Zn100, Zn200, etc.


Product Quality

Commercial Quality(DX51D+Z,DX52D+Z)

Drawing Quality(DX53D+Z,DX54D+Z)

Structural Quality(S220 GD+Z, S250 GD+Z, S280 GD+Z, S350 GD+Z, S550 GD+Z)

Spangle & Surface

Glavanized steel coil with zero spangle:
The size of FA(Skin pass)shiny surface(zero spangle) is from 0.15mm – 1.2mm.
The size of FB(Non-Skin pass)semi shiny surface(zero spangle) is from 0.3mm -1.8mm, 2.0mm Z80 with 0 spangle.
Galvanised steel coil with mini/small spangle, regular spangle:
The galvanized steel coil is with minimal spangel or regular spangle if not required against the order.

Slitting & Corrugating –free of charge 

Slitting into sheets or narrow coils or corrugating roofing tiles — free featured services

Sizes of Galvanized steel coil

Packing & Loading

Fully seaworthy export packing with paper tube and steel cover on wooden pallet by the materials below;

Rust proof Paper Polyethylene coated
Cardboard body wrap
Cardboard donuts on both sides
Cardboard edge protectors on both sides
Inner Cardboard ring
Steel donuts on both sides
Inner steel ring
Steel body wrap
Outer steel edge protectors on both sides
Steel strapping across the width and circumference


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