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AASHTO Guardrail Crash Barrier Factory Promotion


Highway guardrail system is without doubt the most important protection for drivers on the highway, especially at places where accident happens frequently. That's is why there are needs to build crash barriers like the photo shown below.
Guardrail, together with spacer, protects both the crash barrier and the vehicle together with the passengers inside of the car by absorbing the energy.
We need the follow information to make quotation for you quickly:
A, For our standard items:
a) The Spec. you interested.
b) The Length you plan to purchase.
c) The destination. 
B, For your owner design:
a) Please provide AutoCAD drawing.
b) Dimension of guardrail: length, width, height and thickness.
c) Dimension of post.
d) The thickness of galvanized.
e) Loading capacity of each container.
f) The Length you plan to purchase.
g) The destination.
h) Others requirements.
We also welcome you to purchase high quality Traffic Guardrail and Crash Barriers from our Made in China store Wuhan Dachu Traffic Facilities with great concessions. 

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