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Galvanized Highway Guardrail at the Lowest Price


Quality Galvnized highway guardrail of AASHTO M180 standards cheap for sale now directly from China. There are many different kind of railing and guardrails, Either wooden or metallic. However, when it comes to protection and anti-corrosion property, galvanized steel guardrail is the best choice in most cases. Just take a look at the post and w-beam from our company.



The above w-beams, posts, spacers are all made of high quality steel and have been hot-dipped galvanized. The w-beam and thrie beam crash barrier system can effectively protect automobilist and passengers. More importantly, it can last for a long time, which can enormously reduce the cost for repair and maintenance. Moreover, crash barriers is very easy to replace when a certain part is damaged.
W-Beam Popular Applications:
1. Car parking lot guardrail;
2. Industrial barriers;
3. Roadway guard crash barriers;
4. Median highway crash barrier;
5. Loading bays;
6. Warehouses;
7. Distribution depots;
8. Service roads;
9. Pedestrian areas;
10. Bridge guardrail.
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