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Wuhan Dachu Tri-beam Guardrail
What is Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail
The thrie beam highway guardrail (also called tri-wave crash barrier, road barrier, guardrail barrier, metal beam barrier, etc.) is a type of guardrail that is essentially two pieces of W-Beam Guardrail formed into one single shape. It is used in specific circumstances where additional coverage may be necessary. The installation of thrie beam guardrail along the highway can help to protect the errant cars from crashing off the road. 
Why Thrie Beam is better than other barriers in some cases?
The other solid barriers, like utility poles, bridge piers and retaining walls, can also stop the cars. But in these cases, impact from a guardrail would be milder than that from other solid barriers without elasticity, that’s the reason why we install the corrugated guardrail along dangers road. Crash barriers can lessen the severity of a potential crash and make the driver and passengers safer. The highway guardrail can affect and make the vehicle came back onto the road, reduce the damage caused by accidents.
Advantages of thrie beam highway guardrail:
1. Safety: the thrie beam highway guardrail is mostly installed on the roadside where is danger and where the car is with high speed, to keep the car is on the right way and the things or animals go into the road, to ensure people safety.
2. High strength: anti-corrosion thrie beam highway guardrail is made of Q235/Q345 steel, it is high strength with toughness.
3. Long life: after cold rolled, the thrie beam highway guardrail will do hot dipped galvanization in the zinc pool with high temperature, which highly improves its antioxidant capacity and corrosion resistance.
4. Eco-friendly: the Q235/Q345 steel, the material of thrie beam highway guardrail, is recyclable and reusable. It can be used to make other metallic products by recycling.
5. Easy installation and repair: its simply assembled by bolts and nuts, easy to install and change the guardrail spare parts.
6. Beautiful color: we can do powder spray with different color on the thrie beam highway guardrail, make it more beautiful and suitable with the road sight.
7. Cost-effective: compare with the other crash barrier (roller barrier, plastic barrier and so on), the powder-coated steel highway guardrail is of lower price and longer life.
Dachu Tri-beam Guardrail Sample
Dachu Tri-beam Guardrail Order
Tri-beam Guardrail after installation


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